Britain’s ‘cheapest’ lunchtime meal has been unveiled – the toasted sandwich.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is reviving the mid-Victorian dish, which consists of two slices of bread around a slice of toast. The meal, costing 7.5p, was first promoted by Victorian food writer Mrs Beeton. It is taken from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management which became a best-seller when it was published 150 years ago.
To celebrate that anniversary, the RSC decided to focus on meals that reflected ‘stern days’ to come in Britain, rather than one of the book’s many ‘table-groaning creations’.

You simply put a piece of dry toast between two slices of bread and butter, with salt and pepper to taste. I’ve tried it and it’s surprisingly nice to eat and quite filling,

says the RSC’s Dr John Emsley.

I would emphasise that toast sandwiches are also good at saving you calories as well as money, provided you only have one toast sandwich for lunch and nothing else.

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