As the EU gets set to scrap ‘best-before’ dates on long life food packaging in a bid to stop millions of tons of edible produce being thrown away every year, a US businessman is preparing to open a supermarket and restaurant selling only food that is out-of-date. Doug Rauch, the man behind the successful Trader Joe’s chain in the US, plans to open the Daily Table in Boston this autumn, and will sell meals and basic groceries at discounted prices. Staff will gather groceries that are about to be thrown away at supermarkets and food service outlets, and a trained chef will then use them to cook on-the-go meals.

Did you know?

Tortilla chips If they start to taste stale, put them in an oven with oil to re-crisp them, then store in a sealed container.

Chocolate can last a long time but often develops a white coating, known as ‘bloom’, when it’s exposed to the air. This happens when some of the crystalline fat melts and rises to the top. It’s not mould and is fine to eat.

Eggs can last 3-5 weeks, but be sure to keep them at a temperature below 5˚C (41˚F).