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 What are the benefits of membership?

We give members a voice in decisions that have a direct impact on the industry, and provide crucial information on topics affecting their business
We offer unrivalled expertise and support on regulatory issues
Membership is open to all UK and Irish companies or UK and Ireland-based subsidiaries of international companies manufacturing, compounding, blending, formulating food additives or ingredients (including colours and flavours)
Our extensive network of contacts allows us to access a number of platforms to lobby the UK government, European Commission and the European Parliament. Our membership of ELC also keeps members well informed about the general positions other Member States are taking in EC discussions
We hold regular meetings in London and also provide daily email updates on breaking regulatory news and other topical issues.

What do we do?

FAIA helps improve the business climate in which additive and ingredients companies can operate successfully
We have an important relationship with all relevant regulatory bodies, and also help promote an understanding of food additives and ingredients in the wider community.
We make representation to relevant authorities on all aspects of food additive and ingredient legislation.
We promote a better understanding of the importance of food additives and ingredients among food manufacturers, legislators and communicators
We act as a centre of expertise on the technology and safe use of additives and ingredients

How can we find out more?

Simply complete the Declaration of Interest form
Upon submission, we will happily provide more information and answer any other questions you may have.
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