Offering our members a voice in Brexit negotiations – and regulatory advice post-Brexit

FAIA is the Food Additives and Ingredients Association – which represents UK manufacturers of these vital products – offering technical and scientific expertise, as well as a voice for members in the Brexit negotiations.

We attend monthly meetings hosted by FDF, which are also attended by UK Government agency representatives from Defra, Department for EU Exit (DexEU), Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Department for International Trade, allowing our members to have a voice in negotiations.

FAIA also works to promote a better understanding of the role of food additives and functional ingredients, and the reasons why they are so important.

Without food additives and ingredients, the food we eat today would look and taste very different – and many of the products we take for granted wouldn’t exist. Food additives can be found in a range of foods – including organic products – and some are naturally occurring.

In fact, if a tomato were to carry a label, it would look like the picture on the left. What’s more, our bodies naturally create 20 different E number compounds, regardless of whether or not they’re in the food we eat…

This site is designed to tell you more, and give an insight into the uses of different types of ingredients and additives.

Want to know more about food additives and how they tie into the chemistry that goes on in the kitchen? Download our booklet, In the Mix, by simply clicking on the image to the left.

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