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 26 years of expertise
26 years of expertise

FAIA is a non-profit making trade association that has been representing the needs of food additive and ingredients manufacturers, and suppliers, since 1997.

Trusted & Influential

The association and its experts are respected by both industry and stakeholders, and prides itself on the quality of its scientific and regulatory advice, and support.

Sound Science

FAIA uses sound science to promote a better understanding of the importance of food additives and ingredients among food manufacturers, legislators and consumers.

Let Ben teach you all about about additives & ingredients…

What are food additives?

Food additives are substances added to food and drink during manufacture and processing. Many are naturally occurring and some are even essential nutrients. They ensure safety, and improve taste and appearance. European legislation defines food additives as substances not normally consumed as food itself, but which are added to food for a technological purpose, such as preservation or improved product quality. In fact, food additives provide many useful functions which consumers often take for granted.

E-numbers explained

An E-number proves that an additive has been evaluated and approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use in the European Union. That means it has demonstrated a useful purpose and undergone rigorous scientific safety assessments. These assessments are based on toxicological data in both human and animal models, and allow for the setting of an ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) which is the amount of a particular additive that can be consumed daily over a lifetime without any adverse health effects.

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