Brexit and beyond
Future-proofing your business

Brexit and beyond: Helping FAIA members future-proof their business

Post EU-exit, it’s crucial that additives and ingredients manufacturers, and distributors, keep up with the changes that will impact their business when importing from and exporting to the EU, and Northern Ireland.

Here, FAIA can provide invaluable support and assistance, and help member companies understand the implications of the UK’s new relationship with the EU, ensuring they stay informed and up to date with the necessary changes.

Through its regular and direct contact with the UK authorities, including Defra, the Food Standards Agency and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, FAIA is helping its members stay abreast of evolving changes.

In addition, we are feeding information from our members direct to the authorities, advising on possible impacts on the ingredients industry, and helping to direct the route of future UK legislation.

Below is an infographic of the associations with whom we have continual and close collaboration:

If your company would benefit from the insight and support provided by FAIA, contact us now to find out how best we can help your business. 

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