Supermarket bread contains 20 per cent less salt than it did a decade ago, according to new research.

Bread is a major source of salt in the diet, providing almost a fifth of the total derived from processed foods.

The recommended daily intake for UK adults is a maximum of 6g, compared with the current average of 8.1g a day.

This study published in the online journal BMJ Open shows that the salt content of bread has been progressively reduced over time, contributing to the evidence base that a target-based approach to salt reduction can work.

“The results show that bakers have gradually reduced the levels of salt in their products, and should be congratulated,” says Adds Katharine Jenner, Campaign Director for CASH (Consensus Action on Salt & Health). “These results provide evidence that the UK salt reduction strategy, based on a series of salt targets for different food groups, has been working.”

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