Health Claims

For a claim to be made for a functional ingredient, the scientific review will have to satisfy the conditions set out in the EU Regulation on Health and Nutrition Claims and the claim registered on the EU Register of Health Claims.

Bone and dental health

Several vitamins and minerals are essential for our bones and teeth to grow and remain healthy. It’s crucial, for example, for children to consume sufficient calcium as it’s needed for the growth of strong, dense bones and teeth, and as we get older it’s needed to keep them that way. This is why children are …

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Blood sugar control

We get the energy we need from the food we eat. Much of the energy comes in the form of carbohydrates, and if these are rapidly digested the energy is quickly taken up by the body. Such rapidly digested carbohydrates are termed ‘high glycaemic’, as they give a rapid, high peak of blood sugar. But there …

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