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FAIA is more than just a source of information. FAIA provides us with a direct link into what is happening at both UK and EC level that may affect our industry. It gives us an active voice in these discussions, and a chance to lobby the relevant authorities to safeguard our industry and our business

Paul Whitehead, Technical Manager, Fibrisol

The support offered by the FAIA, especially with its regular food legislation updates, has been invaluable. Add to this the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals, as well as hearing from a variety of expert speakers, makes membership of this organisation a sound choice

David Berry, Technical Manager, LycoRed

I have been associated with the FAIA for the past ten years, first representing a member company (Fibrisol Service) and now as a consultant. The wealth of regulatory information distributed by the association and the opportunity to discuss it on a quarterly basis has been invaluable. In addition, the association is on hand to represent our interests at national and European level – a facility which has been used from time to time. I would strongly recommend membership to any company or operator in the field of food additives and ingredients for these two reasons alone. It is always comforting to know that one is not alone in a complex and demanding environment

Alex Kent BSc, FIFST, DCA, Arkaidea Services   

The FAIA has been a valuable source of scientific information to us, providing a wealth of knowledge on food additives and health claims

Laura Parr, Head Nutritionist, Jamie Oliver Group


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